This page is dedicated to hearing from the parents at Bloom Dance Studio and what they have to say about their experience here!


Note from Tina Carrazco

Bloom Dance Studio is an excellent environment for dance students at all levels. My daughter has been a student for the past five years and she has learned so much. She is taught in a caring and positive manner yet challenge her to push to the next level. I am very grateful that she is not only taught the art of dance, but also how her art, talent, and anointing can be used to share the Love of Jesus.


Note from Lisa Keyser

My daughter was new to the world of dance last year when we signed up for the summer camp. We had no idea what to expect, but by the end of day one she was hooked. The teachers were all so patient with her, but at the same time had high expectations for her ability. When the time came for the end of camp recital we saw the dancer in her emerging. As we continued taking lessons our first year I enjoyed not only her love of dancing but the integrating of God into the lessons. There was no questions on musical choices and costumes-they are always very tasteful. 

Both my daughter and I look forward to another summer camp and another year of learning and dancing.  

-Lisa Keyser


"My daughter and I are beyond satisfied with Bloom Dance Studio. All the staff is very dedicated to each individual child, gently pushing them to their full potential with paying close attention to detail in their dance instruction. Their communication level is top notch, always very informative with what's happening. When the children are ready to leave, they make sure someone is there to get them, they do not just let them outside and that gives me such peace of mind to know in case I would ever be late getting there, and if all this isn't enough , they take the time at the end of each class to gather and pray! I am very thankful that I found this little gem!"