Upcoming events!


February 10th Neshema Dance CO ONE DAY INTENSIVE 9am-5pm

February 16th Makeup for our snow day on January 8th! Times of classes are the same as a regular Monday evening

Week of February 19th March tuition is due

Week of March 19th April tuition is due

March 26th-April 1st Spring Break! Classes will resume on April 2nd!

April 13th Makeup Class for January 16th early class (details in February newsletter)









Rules and Regulations

Code of Conduct:

Bloom Dance Studio is a Christian dance studio that is faith based. All conduct in and out of the classroom must be of complete respect to all authority figures, fellow classmates, and classroom guests. No foul language, gossip or any kind of disrespect will be tolerated. In the classroom, students must pay attention and maintain a quiet, easy to learn environment. No excessive talking. Creativity is welcomed and encouraged but needs to be shared within the correct timing. Please be prompt and on time to each class, if a student is more than 10 minutes late to class, they will only be able to observe the class and not participate. No judgment or comparison of others will be tolerated. We do not tolerate a competitive atmosphere among our dancers at Bloom Dance Studio. Bloom Dance Studio is a safe place for every student to grow and learn to become the unique dancer and artist that they are individually.  We will challenge and motivate your dancers to be the best they can be. And we will give our students the tools necessary to grow and flourish as an artist and a dancer within a safe, encouraging, caring environment.


-No chewing gum in class

-All food and drinks except water must remain outside of the studio.

-Parents, please be on time to pick up your student. If you are going to be late picking up your child please contact the studio,

-No child will be allowed to wait outside for their parents without a staff member of Bloom.

-All parents need to come inside the dance studio to pick up their child if your child is in a Beginner level.

-Please wear the appropriate dance wear and footwear to each dance class.

-At times there will be important information handed out to the students, please make sure, parents, you receive this information!

-All students must enter through the main entrance to check in before going to the holding area for students.

-No grumbling or complaining! Bring your best attitude to each class!

 -All cell phones must remain in the dressing room, put away in dance bags.


Dress Code:

Attire at all times needs to be modest and appropriate. When you are outside of the dance studio, please wear a cover up. Hair must be pulled back and out of your face for all classes. If a student is not in the appropriate dance attire, the student will not be allowed to participate in class.


Ballet and Pointe:

Girls- Black tank top leotard, pink tights, black ballet skirt or black biker shorts, and pink ballet shoes.

Boys-Black dance pants, white t-shirt (with a white tank top to wear underneath), and black ballet cotton ballet shoes.



Girls- Black tank top leotard, black dance pants, any style of  black shirt and black jazz shoes.

Boys-Black dance pants, white (or black) t-shirt and black jazz shoes.



Girls and Boys- Leotard, dance pants, and a simple shirt are acceptable. No dance shoes are required for this class.



Girls and Boys- Loose fitting street style clothing and sneakers. Absolutely NO JEANS OR DENIM of any kind!



Girls and Boys-All Black, tighter fit clothes.


Girls and Boys-Same attire as Jazz but with black Tap shoes


* All shirts must have a tank-top or leotard worn underneath at all times. Jeans, mid-drift or low cut tops, and “booty shorts” are unacceptable. Dress code must be respected at all times. Not applying to the dress code will result in the student being asked to sit out of the class.


To Order Dancewear at a discounted rate see link below!

In Association with Bloom Dance Studio

Click on link below to order all your dance wear.



Dressing Room Rules:

Our Dressing Room serves as a room for our students to hang out in between classes, eat and do their homework.  Beginner level students are not allowed to be in the dressing room without an adult or a SEED Dance Co member present. Although our dressing room is co-ed, no male and female dancers will be allowed to be alone in the dressing room without adult supervision. The door to the dressing room must remain open at all times, unless permission has been given by the staff to preserve the heat in the winter or silence the sound of the music within the classes for studying purposes. All food MUST be thrown out in the trashcan at the end of every evening-Please clean up any mess you may have made. The studio is not responsible for any stolen or misplaced items; please bring your valuable belongings at your own risk. We ask our students to treat the dressing room with respect-do not stand on the benches, play with the curtains or move the blinds. If anything at any point is damaged and broken, please notify the staff immediately.  



Due to the limited parking in our front parking lot, we encourage parents to drop off dancers and return once their class has finished. If you need to stay and our parking lot is full please ONLY park on the street AWAY from the front of any of our neighbor’s houses and driveways. Do not park IN anyone’s driveway or do not block the entrance to anyone’s house. And please do not park in anyone’s grass.  As a Christian dance studio we are try to be a blessing in our neighborhood. To avoid conflict and confrontation with our neighbors please follow the above requests. We thank you in advance for your patience with our tight parking situation.



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